November 28, 2010

For years now, I have wondered in my Lyr!ca was “really” working. Well… either because of my stupidity, the arrogance of my Health Care Provider, or God’s form of justice… I know, it was working. About a month ago, I got a letter from United Health saying that I was only going to be able […]

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October 4, 2010

Does the weather effect how you feel? I’ve noticed, for some time now, that the weather effects how my body feels. Texas sits in a sub-tropical zone and is frequently the host of thunder storms with lots of electrical energy that screams out in both Thunder and Lightening. For me, these don’t bother me all […]

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May 5, 2010 – Cinco de Mayo

Today wasn’t a good day. My alarm went off at it’s normal 5:40 and my first thought was… “Ow…. no really Ow!” Here are the list of ailments from the AM: Extremely stiff fingers Extremely stiff toes Upper back/Neck pain Unable to walk with out a limp Here’s the list of ailments from the PM: […]

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