There’s an App for that!

In the past several years, the amount of electronics that are an active part of our lives has increased by a magnitude. We use them for work, play, shopping, tracking and socializing. So, if you use your electronics for all that, why not use it to also help you track and manage your pain while also keeping your Dr. in the loop? There are a few Apps out there that can help you not only track and manager your pain on a consistent scale. Telling your Dr. “It been really bad” isn’t nearly descriptive as saying that the pain is on a scale of 0 to 10, these are my symptoms & this is what made me feel better.

The App that I use is called “My Pain Diary HD”. I like it because I can track any pain that I have, and with Fibro there are lots of different types of pain, and add the symptoms, causes, remedies and residuals, photo’s and even my personal comments. So, when I’m ready to go to the Dr., I can generate a PDF file to print out and take it with me to my appointment. There are lots of things I like about this App. Not just the ability to generate PDF’s, but also to graph my symptoms and correlate them with things like the Weather. Only after using this App did I discover that my pain intensity tracked very closely with Humidity, the less humidity, the less pain; the more humidity, the more pain.

There are a few other Apps that one could use; however they do not have nearly the features that My Pain Diary HD has. Here are some that I looked at just now, one new App that wasn’t available previously is at the top:

  • Chronic Pain Tracker
    • As Extensive as My Pain Diary HD, but also includes Pain Positioning, Medicine Tracking, Bowel Movements, Health Milestones, single app for iPhone & iPad and more.
    • It’s so full of additional features I’m switching to this App.
  • Pain Diary – Catch my Pain
    • Able to place the pain location & severity on a model human body.
    • Not as detailed on the pain scale, only able to track “Happiness” (5 Choices) & “Severity” (5 choices)
  • Helping Scientists by sending results anonymously to scientists in Switzerland.
  • My Wonderful Days
    • Allows you to designate a face for the day. You can add photo’s, comments & stickers
    • Can statistically track faces
  • Migraine Diary
    • Could be altered for other pain, but not nearly as comprehensive as My Pain Diary HD

If you are lucky and you have an iPad, you can track your pain and be able to be more informed about your triggers, symptoms, pain cyclic fluctuation and are able to better manage your life. There may be apps for Droid, too. A good start to find out is to search Google Play. There may be the same apps, there may be more Apps. Either way, you are on your way to being better educated and better informed when you visit your Dr. at your next check up.



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