When you hit the “Pain Wall”


We’ve all been there. If you have Fibromyalgia or Cervical (Spinal) Stenosis or other chronic pain conditions, you’ve probably been there more often than most… Unmanageable, intolerable pain. I call it the “wall” but it’s more like a cliff. That moment when you’ve mentally had enough, you can handle no more pain.

I’ve found that I will wait until I hit the wall before I will seek help. The problem is that, if you’ve been there, most Dr’s cannot get you into the office for weeks. Which means, of course, that you in that really bad place for weeks until you can get to a Dr who may, or may not, be able to alleviate your pain post haste.

A good example of this is what happened to me about 3 weeks ago. I suffer from Cervical Stenosis as well as Fibromyalgia. For about a month, my Cervical Stenosis had been so painful that the pain pills simply took the nauseating edge off, but did nothing else to alleviate the near constant pain.

When I hit the wall, I made a call to my Neurologists office, to try to get an appointment. Low and behold, he had no appointments available. I was reduced to begging to get an appointment so that I could have Cortisone Injections. I got lucky, they put me at the top of the cancellation call list & about an hour later, I an appointment for the very next day.

The most amazing thing about Cortisone Injections is that the results are absolutely instantaneous. For me, the experience is almost Holy, like the progression of a spiritual enlightenment. The first injection gives an area about the size of a 1/2 dollar to be instantly pain free. Multiply that by another 15 injections & you get a progression of pain leaving the body as though God himself were casing a miracle from the top of your head to the middle of your back. I can honestly say that in those moments, while receiving the injections and that immediate time afterward, I feel closer to God than I have ever felt.

So, what is my point? I guess my point is advice to you. Don’t wait until you hit “the wall”. If you’re having a flare up that’s lasting longer than a week & the pain is such that it’s slowly making you crazing & completely dominating your life, take action & call the Dr. The sooner you get in, the sooner you’ll be starting on the path to feeling better & having a fruitful, productive life… that is for the most part pain free.


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5 Comments on “When you hit the “Pain Wall””

  1. CAROL August 3, 2012 at 11:10 AM #

    I clicked like… but don’t like the fact that you are in pain or were in pain. I do know that to be completely OUT OF Pain for even awhile is glorious. I have back pain and have to manage the best I can. When it is gone for awhile, I too, do as much as I can and cherish that time. Hope you can get relief when you need it from now on. 🙂

    • Fizz August 6, 2012 at 6:30 PM #

      You’re so awesome! I’m doing pretty good, though the pain is starting to come back. But at least this reset button gave me some relief so that I could cope mentally.

      Even with a crook in my neck, I feel much better than I did before the injections. It’s truly amazing the difference just a few shots can make!

  2. Tessa August 4, 2012 at 9:11 PM #

    I am glad that you get instant relief from your cortizone injections. Unfortunately I am not so lucky. I have Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease in about 1/3 of my spine (herniated discs in all 3 sections of my spine), osteo-arthritis in every joint and a pinched nerve or 2 or 3 due to the DDD in my spine. I had 2 injections in my neck which gave me a few months of limited relief and the one in my lower spine made it worse, much worse. I don’t tolerate medications or injections well. I do agree with you though about not waiting even though I do not take that advice myself as doctors frustrate me and they don’t seem to be able to get it together to help me. I am so tired of being passed from doctor to doctor to doctor.

    • Fizz August 6, 2012 at 6:39 PM #

      Wow. I am so glad you commented on my blog. You’re an example to every person with Fibromyalgia who wonders how they will make it from day to day. I hope you find something that will help.

      Have you heard of a website called PatientsLikeMe.com? They group folks who have the same type of issues (and they have groups for just about every medical issue you can think of) and then scan the Clinical Trial registry and give you links to stuff that you may qualify for. I think you’d really benefit from it. I’ve been with them for several years now and have found some need information. Plus, I can generate a sheet with graphs that can be printed for the Dr. that gives a summary of pain & other factors that have been going on with you… in very visual form. Here’s my profile for you to take a gander: http://www.patientslikeme.com/members/view/GeoFizz

      Hugs & contact me any time you like. I’m starting to blog again after a year’s sabbatical. You’re comments make me remember that I started doing this to help others, not just myself.

      • Tessa August 6, 2012 at 7:50 PM #

        Thank you! Yes I started filling out a profile on patientslikeme.com almost 2 years ago…http://www.patientslikeme.com/patients/view/113569 but I got so overwhelmed with everything and all that was tried and failed that I stopped before going very far. I am so deeply depressed right now that everything is just too much. I have Bipolar Disorder as well as anxiety/panic and OCD and right now I am in the depressed phase and just dragging myself out of bed is a trial. I can’t take psyche meds either. I had tried to blog about my mental and physical problems and that just depressed me more. My new blog is my writing – stories, poems, stuff like that. Trying to keep my depression out of it. Although my moods can color what I write. 🙂

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