Managing Fibro with out insurance

If you’re in a situation like I am, where you no longer have health insurance for whatever reason, you’re in a quandary. Do you spend the money to get the pills, money that should be going towards the Mortgage/Rend and Food on the table; or, do you cull your pills and/or reducing the frequency for taking them?

I’m still deciding what I’m going to do. I’m trying to remove some pills from my menagerie of pills, and I’m going to do with out those that I can. So far I’ve removed the Savella. I haven’t noticed a change in how my muscles feel, so I’ll likely discontinue this particular tablets.

I have tried to reduce the Lyrica in the past, the problem is that anything less than 450mg, my muscles go hay wire and I end up ingesting way more hydrocodone. So, the Lyrica just has to stay.

I’m going to also try reducing the Ultram. If I can get rid of that, then I may be able to get rid of it, or only take it every other day or so.

All the rest, well, I’ll work on those individually by trial and error based on how my body reacts. Then, I’ll employ the triaging of money to mortgage ration. I’ll tell you how it goes.

Tell me, what do you employ and how do you employ it?


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One Comment on “Managing Fibro with out insurance”

  1. caroldee May 10, 2011 at 9:47 AM #

    OKAY.. the kidney dr told mom that they ULTRAM was much easier on her kidneys.. some harsh drugs just deteriorate your system and your kidney function (in time) so ask about the side effects too. Seeing what your body can do without is a great idea.. you know your body better than anyone else including the dr. Sometimes they just give things to see if they will help and we get stuck on taking them. You are so right to start reducing.Ultram I was TOLD by many nurses is soooo mild.. like one step above an you are right about that.. you could speak to the pharmacist and he could consult with you better than anyone… worth a shot anyway. I tend to let food go first in the $$$ thing and try to keep the roof over my head. Cut way back on food stuff and it helped. Substituted with other proteins like eggs and cereal etc as MEAT is outrageously high in some markets. Good luck.. : )

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